Signal Strength Meter Lite

The Signal Strength Meter Lite is an which calculates the strength of buy and sell signals across many indicators, price action, and candlestick patterns, and displays a score for each symbol on a display board.

Key Features:

  • Analyses the signals from more than a dozen classic indicators
  • Identifies Price Action and Candlestick patterns which are used in the calculation of the signals
  • Returns a score of the Overall Signal Strength
  • Ability to Change Smoothing Period to filter out small corrections
  • Non-repainting
  • Can Be Used in Expert Advisors.
  • Sends Alerts and Push Notificationson direction change

You could load the Signal Strength Meter Lite onto a chart and be able to see the strength of the buys/sells in a histogram below the chart.


Smoothing_Period: Higher numbers make the scores smoother.GetAlerts: true/false. If set to true you will receive Alerts on Mt4 when the score changes from Positive to Negative, and vice-versa.MobileNotifications: true/false. If set to true you will receive Push Notifications on your phone when the score changes from Positive to Negative, and vice-versa.

For The Full Multi-Currency Version of this indicator, check out The Signal Strength Meter: