MT4 Expert Advisors

If you are a trader, then you have definitely heard of Forex expert advisors (EAs), which are auto trading robots that use predefined rules to automatically execute and manage trades.

Otherwise, if this is the first time that you hear about Forex EAs, you could read a brief introduction about them here: https://www.thebalance.com/what-is-an-expert-advisor-1344951

As a trader myself and a programmer, I have decided to create my own expert advisors based on the strategies that I feel are the most profitable. I have used my experience as a freelance EA programmer to gather the best ideas I’ve received from my clients. Be it with good entry systems, or reliable management strategies, I have assembled a few successful EAs.

Below you will find some of my best expert advisors for MT4. There are three types of EAs: Some of them are free, and require you to have the free indicators I have created in order to use them. Others are free and require you to buy the indicators needed. And finally, there is one paid EA which needs no indicators to use.

For each of these MT4 expert advisors, I will try to create a demo account on which I run them. That way, you will be able to see their performance in real-time.

I will also soon create an extensive guide on how to back-test the EAs. That way, you will be able to find the best settings to use according to each currency pair you trade.

The Overnight EA
The Overnight EA

This is scalping EA which trades during the late hours of the night, to avoid high volatility.

 The Sextet EA:
The Sextet EA:

This is a free EA, which uses my free “The Sextet” indicator.