Resources for Forex Trading Beginners

This section in our website offers resources about trading Forex for beginners. There are lots of websites where you could find many info about trading. What I will be doing here, is link you to some of the best resources out there. From simple Forex trading beginners guides, to in-depth explanations. I know how difficult it could be to find reliable information about Forex trading. However, I will do my best to have all essential resources in one place.
I will also try to write about some of the most essential and basic concepts in Forex. After that, if these articles turn out to be popular, I will move on to write about more complex concepts.
Finally, the most important section will be where I test out popular Forex strategies. This will come later on, as it will take some time. Yet the plan is to code these systems into EAs, then back-test them to see which ones are profitable.
I will be adding more sections as we go along, but for now here are the sections below:

If you have any suggestions for sections I should add, let me know. Even if it’s an idea of a simple article about something you want to know more about. Any suggestions are more than welcome.
I would finally like to remind you all that if you are Forex trading beginners, never risk your real money before learning to trade.It could be very tempting to do so, especially with all the broker commercials promising instant profit. Please always remember that as fast as you could make profits, you could make losses at the same rate.
Good luck with learning to trade Forex!