MT4 Indicators

Several indicators for MT4, ranging from simple trend indicators to multi-currency, multi-time frame dashboards.

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MT4 Expert Advisors

A few MT4 EAs that have been tested, and had the performance tracked.

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Basic Forex Resources

I collect some of the best resources for Forex trading, and if you are a beginner trader you might find very useful information.

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What I do?

I am a Forex trader and programmer. I have been working with many clients for several years, and I have used the knowledge I gained from what trading clients look for, to try and come up with different types of solutions.

The Indicators and Expert Advisors that I code cover a wide range of what traders need. From Multi-Currency, Multi-Timeframe dashboards, to fully automated trading bots.

I have also noticed that one big issue that resides in the automated trading market, is the backtesting and optimization, which often leads to much lower than expected results. So I have tried to come up with ratios that solve that issue, and ensure the most consistent results, and ones that are most identical to those that come up during testing.

Next Steps…

You could check out the collection of indicators I have created

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